Text of the UK-South Korea free trade agreement

The longest sections are the schedule of commitments on goods (912 pages) and rules of origin (128 pages)

The UK and South Korea signed a free trade agreement on August 22, 2019

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These are links to the text of the UK-South Korea free trade agreement, signed in London on August 22 and published on the South Korean Government website. It has been posted on that site in separate parts.

The longest sections are the schedule of commitments on goods (912 pages) and rules of origin (128 pages).

(A few days later, the texts were published on the British government website on September 10, along with an explanatory memorandum. A report to Parliament was published separately the previous day.

(See also an earlier piece on rolling over the EU-S.Korea free trade agreement. This deal does that, but the devil is in the detail.)

Free Trade Agreement Between the Republic of Korea, of the One Part, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the Other Part

Preamble (3 pages)

Chapter 1 Objectives and General Definitions

[Chapter 1] Objectives and General Definitions (2 pages)

Chapter 2 National Treatment and Market Access for Goods

[Chapter 2] National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (8 pages)

[Annex 2-A] Elimination of Customs Duties (912 pages)

[Appendix 2-A-1] S. Korea (4 pages)

[Appendix 2-A-2] The United Kingdom (3 pages)

[Annex 2-B] Electronics (7 pages)

[Appendix 2-B-1] Products covered (1 page)

[Appendix 2-B-2] Conformity (1 page)

[Appendix 2-B-3] Products and HS codes (4 pages)

[Appendix 2-B-4] Definitions (1 page)

[Annex 2-C] Motor Vehicles and Parts (8 pages)

[Appendix 2-C-1] Excluded products (1 page)

[Appendix 2-C-2] UK recognition of S. Korean regulations (4 pages)

[Appendix 2-C-3] S. Korea recognition of UK regulations (6 pages)

[Annex 2-D] Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices (7 pages)

[Annex 2-E] Chemicals (2 pages)

Chapter 3. Trade Remedies

[Chapter 3] Trade Remedies (9 pages)

[Appendix 3] Agricultural Safeguards Measures (4 pages)

Chapter 4 Technical Barriers to Trade

[Chapter 4] Technical Barriers to Trade (7 pages)

[Annex 4] TBT Coordinator (1 page)

Chapter 5 Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

[Chapter 5] Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (4 pages)

Chapter 6 Customs and Trade Facilitation

[Chapter 6] Customs and Trade Facilitation (9 pages)

Chapter 7 Trade in Services, Establishment and Electronic Commerce

[Chapter 7] Trade in Services, Establishment and Electronic Commerce (37 pages)

[Annex 7-A] List of Commitments (1 page)

[Appendix 7-A-1] United Kingdom: List of commitments in Conformity with Article 7.7 (Cross-border supply of services) (28 pages)

[Annex 7-A-2] United Kingdom: List of Commitments in Conformity with Section 7.13 (Establishment) (35 pages)

[Annex 7-A-3] United Kingdom: List of Reservations in Conformity with Articles 7.18 and 7.19 (Key Personnel and Graduate Trainees and Business Service Sellers) (4 pages)

[Annex 7-A-4] S. Korea: Schedule of Specific Commitments in Conformity with Articles 7.7, 7.13, 7.18 and 7.19 (72 pages)

[Annex 7-B] MFN Treatment Exemption (1 page)

[Annex 7-C] List of MFN Exemptions (6 pages)

[Annex 7-D] The Additional Commitment on Financial Services (3 pages)

Understanding on the S. Korean Postal Reform Plan (1 page)

Understanding Concerning Specific Commitments on Telecommunications Services (1 page)

Understanding on Regulations Relating to  Zoning, Urban Planning and Environmental Protection (1 page)

Understanding on the Article 7.5.2(a) Footnote 5 (1 page)

Chapter 8 Payments and Capital Movement

[Chapter 8] Payments and Capital Movements (3 pages)

Chapter 9 Government Procurement

[Chapter 9] Government Procurement (2 pages)

[Appendix 9] BOT Contracts and Public Works concessions (4 pages)

Chapter 10 Intellectual Property

[Chapter 10] Intellectual Property (32 pages)

[Annex 10-A] Geographical Indications for Agricultural Products and Foodtuffs (6 pages)

[Annex 10-B] Geographical Indications for Wines, Aromatised Wines and Spirits (2 pages)

Understanding on Footnote 14 to Article 10.30 of the Intellectual Property Chapter (1 page)

Chapter 11 Competition

[Chapter 11] Competition (6 pages)

Chapter 12 Transparency

[Chapter 12] Transparency (4 pages)

Chapter 13 Trade and Sustainable Development

[Chapter 13] Trade and Sustainable Development (7 pages)

[Appendix 13] Cooperation on Trade and Sustainable Development (2 pages)

Chapter 14 Dispute Settlement

[Chapter 14] Dispute Settlement (10 pages)

[Annex 14-A] Mediation Mechanism for Non-Tariff Measures (5 pages)

[Annex 14-B] Rules of Procedure for Arbitration (8 pages)

[Annex 14-C] Code of Conduct for Members of Arbitration Panels and Mediators (3 pages)

Chapter 15 Institutional, General and Final Provisions

[Chapter 15] Institutional, General and Final Provisions (10 pages)


Protocol Concerning the Definition of “Originating Products” and Methods of Administrative Cooperation (128 pages)

Protocol on Cultural Cooperation (10 pages)

Protocol on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Customs Matters (8 pages)

Updates: September 10, 2019 — adding links to texts and explanations published on the UK government websites.

Photocredits: All public domain CC0 — UK flag by Artem Beliaikin; S.Korean flag by James Lucian, both via Pexels


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