Text: UK-Australia free trade agreement, December 2021

2,069 pages, 32 chapters plus 30 associated documents

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UK-Australia trade deal: when a cap on farm goods is not a cap

By Peter Ungphakorn

On December 16, Britain and Australia finally signed their free trade agreement, the first post-Brexit trade deal that Britain negotiated from scratch — unlike all the previous ones, this one does not roll over provisions of EU free trade agreements that had previously applied to the UK.

The UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement was signed six months after an “agreement in principle” was rushed out so that the two countries’ prime ministers — Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison — could announce they had a deal under the spotlight of the UK-hosted G7 Summit.

London and Canberra offer a choice for anyone wanting to examine the agreement. Looking for pdf format? Go to the UK website. Prefer MS Word docx format? Go down under.

Below are links to the text as published by the British government. Here, the entire agreement is broken down into 72 pdf files.

In total, it is 2,069 pages comprising: a preamble, 32 chapters (some with their own annexes), 10 annexes attached to the main agreement, and 20 side letters on a range of subjects.

The links go to separate webpages for each of the items on the list where the text is available in pdf format, in some cases in several files for the relevant annexes.

Some people want all 2,069 pages in a single pdf file, so here’s a Christmas present for them!

The following is taken directly from the UK government website:

Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Australia

From: Department for International Trade Published 16 December 2021


  1. Chapters
  2. Annexes
  3. Associated documents

Here you can locate the full text and associated documents of the Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Australia.

The agreement is not yet in force. Both the UK and Australia are required to complete their respective domestic procedures for the agreement to come into effect. Once approved by both parliaments, businesses will be able to trade under its terms.



Associated documents

Published 16 December 2021

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