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WTO, rules, commitments, tariffs, standards, trade wars, geographical indications, and more

UK-EU tariffs, tariff quotas, services, media, leadership, GATT Art24, continuity deals, and more

Trade, direct democracy

Crisis, reform, negotiations, disputes, amendments, agriculture, access to medicines, trade facilitation

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The WTO and implications for the UK, EU, Brexit and international trade policy

These archived posts explain the WTO, how it works, its member-driven structure, and the UK’s and EU’s relationship with it.

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How the WTO works graphic

UK’s WTO membership and tariff commitments

Distortion of war | Tariff war? | War of words

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Brexit and WTO commitments, WTO rules, free trade agreements, Brexit more generally, presentations and evidence

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Tariff quotas | GATT Article 24

Media | Alternative thinking | Theresa May

Presentations and evidence

External links: Global trade policy response to COVID-19 pandemic: a enquiry of the Commons International Trade Committee 1. Video (Soumaya Keynes, Marianne Petsinger, Simon J. Evenett, Alan Wolff, Peter Ungphakorn) | 2. Transcript page and direct link (html, pdf) | 3. Written evidence June 5, 2020

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Direct democracy

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Dispute settlement, policy and negotiation, amendments and commitments

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Agriculture and more | Trade facilitation | G20

> Everything on: agriculture | trade negotiations — category, tagged | trade facilitation | G20

Intellectual property

> Everything on: intellectual property

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